Today we went to visit Claremont just outside of Pomona. A magical place if I may say so. Small unique boutiques everywhere, calm and friendly atmosphere and inspiration to find in every corner. The local mall had a children’s art gallery starring paintings of candy landscapes, exactly like the ones I sing about in one of my original tunes “Garden of Unicorns”. It was the first day I found things I really wanted to buy. A polka dot dress and a striped short, blue and white cardigan I found in a cozy thrift shop. A waist belt and gorgeous brand new converse also became mine after a bit more browsing. We also found a Folk Music store with a little stage so we stayed and jammed for a while, using a twelve string guitar!
   IMG_0981 IMG_0993IMG_0976 IMG_1000IMG_1050
After visiting a few boutiques I was so inspired a song began to take form in my head. I wrote down the lyrics as we were browsing the stores. As soon as we got home I picked up my guitar. I finished the song in just a little while. “Knitting My Peace” has been born. Those moments of flow are just amazing!
The food of the day spelled “Eureka” and offered the tastiest hamburger so far. Organic products like fig marmalade, bacon and goat cheese made the meat taste like heaven. It was served together with honey and cinnamon sweet potato. What a meal! I was full about 24 hours after that 🙂