Untouchable on iTunes!

This has been a happy day! “Untouchable” from the new EP has been released on iTunes, the first of five songs that will be released over the next couple of weeks! This is so exciting! Click the title to be transferred to iTunes store.

Better Salary for Swedish Nurses!

On Thursday October 24, 2013, I will sing a well known tune at Södermalmstorg at the manifestation concerning better salaries for Swedish nurses. Since I have studied nursing for two years, I have seen how nurses struggle to offer good care as their field of responsibilities expand while the salary stays the same. I believe their struggle for better premises is of the utmost importance not only to all working nurses, but also to the whole society. Hence, I wholeheartedly support the cause. So swing by Slussen around 5 pm on Thursday to listen in on the manifestation and see my performance! Click the title to see the Facebook event.

Cozy Saturday Gig


This Saturday I had the pleasure to perform at a private birthday party of a former colleague. I played mostly original material, but also some covers as the guests were arriving. Let’s call it a mingle gig, shall we. It was fun and cozy! Here’s a pic from the event, as I played the piano in the magical candle light.

Batoidea Sheets live!

At the release party yesterday, Andreas Rydman, Andrea Lidman and I performed the songs from the EP live plus a bonus track for the attending guests. Here’s a little taste of the performance: “Batoidea Sheets” – soon to be released on Spotify!

Blue I going Official

Yesterday, a successful release party for my new EP “Untouchable” was thrown at Block Stockholm. I had a blast, doing two rounds of live performances with all songs from the EP, plus a bonus track for the attending guests. As you can see in the pictures below, my youngest fan and nephew was to be found among the guests.

DSC_4306 DSC_4311 DSC_4335 DSC_4347 DSC_4354  DSC_4375

Untouchable teaser

The Swedish singer/songwriter Blue I
The new Swedish singer/songwriter Blue I

Now you can get a hold of your own copy of the Untouchable EP, act fast, they are a limited edition product. For more information, check the contact page. The songs will be available on Spotify in the near future. But listen closely now, the songs from the EP will be released on Spotify as singles with two weeks in between. Suscribe to Blue I on Spotify next week to be the first one to hear the new songs.

Above you’ll find a teaser for the first single “Untouchable”, available on Spotify next week!

The Journey Begins Now

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The EP “Untouchable” has just been released!

This is so exciting! Years and months of preparation have lead to this point. The years have been about writing music, developing my persona. The past few months have been about perfecting Blue I, and she is finally ready to meet the world. The EP is released, and with it comes the thrilling sensation of actually sharing my music. With you. The journey begins now. Would you like to be a part of it?

The Day Before the EP Release

October 17, 2013, the day before my first EP release. Having a great rehearsal session together with guitarist Andreas Rydman and cellist Andrea Lidman. In this video Andreas Rydman and I are playing a piece of “The Skinny Truth” from the EP, soon to be released on Spotify. So exciting! The first post on the website. Looking forward to share more with you very very soon!