Pomona, Irvine and Apple Valley

My five day tour with Johan had to come to and end at last, 548.6 miles later, so yesterday we went separate ways. Before that we visited some more of his friends in Pomona and Irvine. Newport Beach in sunset was just so beautiful! And cute little birds, who looked like tiny kiwi birds, ran around where the water had sunk into the sand to find food. Together with a group of friends we later enjoyed a hot tub open for the neighborhood and then we watched Frozen. I’d say it was a perfect evening!
IMG_0631 IMG_0643IMG_0658
In Irvine we also visited Johan’s friend’s university, who’s mascot was an anteater (myrslok). It was a campus which reminded me of so many college movies, with sorority and fraternity booths, pretty architecture and concrete paths. We payed a quick visit to the beach, Corona Del Mar, which is another part of Newport Beach, and even in the day offered some iconic scenery. For lunch I visited the mythological place of In N Out for the first time, a hamburger place with the said to be the best. And guess what? It truly was. The strawberry milkshake I then enjoyed was out of this world! I will definitely eat there a lot more while I’m here, and the best thing is: They can be found in all of California!
In Irvine I met one of Johan’s friends, Briana, and we instantly became friends. So instead of going back to Monterey and San Francisco at the moment, I decided to stay with Briana in Apple Valley for a while before heading down to Los Angeles. Apple Valley is a desert town, situated somewhere in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I’m excited to see a different part of California now. Off to eat now! 🙂