Malibu Moment

Our trip continued and took us further south in California. After a short stay in Santa Barbara to eat at McDonalds we continued to Malibu. There we met a couple of Johan’s friends and truly had a blast. First we went over to Santa Monica and had dinner at Bubba Gump’s. Shrimps and pear and berry salad. Yummy! Everything there was Forrest Gump themed and the staff came up in the middle of our meal to quiz us about the movie. Different for sure 😛
IMG_0524IMG_0525 IMG_0561 IMG_0554IMG_0555  IMG_0552 IMG_0551
We then moved on to Johan’s friend’s house in the Malibu hills. It was a scary drive in the dark for sure, we were so close to the edge the whole time! The view from the house was marvelous. One would not want to be afraid of heights. We had a late night kick back with lots of games and laughs. It was a blast!
IMG_0568 IMG_0589 IMG_0588 IMG_0587
On Saturday we chilled for half the day at the house and visited the chicken coop, which had such a cute chicken, but oh so scary (I don’t really like birds). Later we had some excellent sushi downtown and then we went to get my first real Doughnut in the states. Finally! 😀
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