On American Soil

Today I’ve had a long flight, about 16 hours in total with the transfers included. I’ve visited the airport of Reykjavik and flown over the majestic landscape of Iceland. I thereafter ended up on an 8 hour flight to Seattle, where I was greeted into the US with a bunch of questions about my stay I have never gotten in any other country I’ve visited before. If I carry any plants was probably the weirdest question. Other questions had the purpose of gathering information about how long I was planning to stay (a return ticket is a must), what my budget was and how I was planning on traveling in the country. Arriving at San Francisco airport I was picked up by my friend Johan, and we traveled by car to see the exquisite view of San Francisco by night, before heading towards Monterey.
So here I am now, in a house close to the sea at the coast of California. I have already begun enthusing about the differences in our material daily lives. For instance, the house has doors with doorknobs – very unusual for me and I had to ask how to look the door. The sink contains one of those classic disposal systems you always come across in movies. And everything is huge! Stove, washing machines (those classic ones with lid on the top, lovely!), tables, chairs, sofas. If I was shorter I would feel like Alice in Wonderland drinking a bottle of shrinking potion. After being awake for more than 24 hours, I will try to sleep on the comfortable couch that I now occupy.
IMG_0132 IMG_0134