Good Nights and Sad Goodbyes

At the beginning of the week I got some great hostel roommates, two fun loving Australian-Polish guys. Together we set off to an Open Mic at a café close to Haight street called the Mojo Café. The place was small and cozy and people were very friendly. I played four songs, three originals and one cover. I got a very dedicated fan. It was an old man called Howard who walked around with a one-stringed guitar. His enthusiasm was contagious.
The day after, we went for a walk down to the Fisherman’s Warf and explored the area for a bit, while absorbing the sun.
IMG_2215 IMG_2258 IMG_2253
I later met my friend Johan again. It was a much missed reunion. We hung out with some of his family and had dinner. We were even able to take out the guitar and play a few songs. I’ve truly missed that! We also went for a walk by Haight and Ashbury and saw the place where the peace and love movement was born. It felt historical. The Ben & Jerry’s shop was perfectly situated and surrounded by artsy boutiques and wall paintings. We even saw one of the houses where Jimi Hendrix used to live.
IMG_2273 IMG_2262
When the night came to an end my eyes were filled with tears. I said goodbye to Johan and the guitar, the guitar which has been my constant companion for two months. It felt like a chapter was closed as I won’t see Johan and his friends that have become my friends for a long time now. I will miss them so much. My nostalgic mind already grieves.