Garden of Unicorns

This is a recording from my last performance on the trip to the states this spring. It was an Open Mic night at a wonderful place called the Path Cafe situated in Greenwich. Here’s a link to their website. This was the last song I played on the gig, and also the last song I played in the states. It’s an original fantasy song called Garden of Unicorns, also known as “the candy song” among previous listeners. The reaction on it I’ve gotten so far is probably: “Like being serenaded by Willy Wonka”

Maple Trees

I’ll be disappearing off the grid for about a week now as my friend from Sweden is coming to visit me in LA. Before I check out I wanted to share a song that I wrote yesterday called Maple Trees. Hope you like it!

A Radioactive Evening

This evening I had the great pleasure to perform on Open Jam in Apple Valley. Me and my friend Alex (on drums) improvised a lounge version of Radioactive together with the local pianist and bass player. Have a listen to our chill cover of the famous Imagine Dragons song!

Lights On the Wall

Me and my friend Johan, whom I’m visiting in Monterey, have been jamming a lot and we are having great fun making covers. Today we’ll be travelling south in California to visit friends in San Luis Obispo, Malibu, Pomona, Irvine and Apple Valley as it seems. I’m really excited about this trip! I’m sure street performing will happen 🙂

Below, you’ll find a video of our cover of Counting Stars, by One Republic. Our duet, Lights On the Wall (L.O.W), is named after the Christmas lights hanging on the wall in Johan’s living room.

Batoidea Sheets live!

At the release party yesterday, Andreas Rydman, Andrea Lidman and I performed the songs from the EP live plus a bonus track for the attending guests. Here’s a little taste of the performance: “Batoidea Sheets” – soon to be released on Spotify!

The Day Before the EP Release

October 17, 2013, the day before my first EP release. Having a great rehearsal session together with guitarist Andreas Rydman and cellist Andrea Lidman. In this video Andreas Rydman and I are playing a piece of “The Skinny Truth” from the EP, soon to be released on Spotify. So exciting! The first post on the website. Looking forward to share more with you very very soon!